FARCRY (Hungary) 
"Slaves of Chaos" - TR002 CD sold out + Digital - buy digital!

Sophisticated technical Thrash Death Metal. Farcry's debut full length take us to the unknown corners of experimental brutality and wilderness. Massive package of extreme Metal styles perfectly mixed into high quality product to hit straight in the head all followers of Opeth, diehard fans of Meshuggah and anyone brave enough to open his mind to the unexpected things!

"Psycho Path" - TR001 CD buy CD + Digital - buy digital!

More than clever made arrangements, perfect balances between various extreme styles where sharpness of  Thrash Metal meets Death brutality and all together goes into straight in the head Blackish grimness. Perfect package of extreme Metal crowned by amazing various vocals screamed out  from wicked female singer Lovisa.

BLACK BAY (Sweden) 
"Feeding It" - TRCD004 CD + Digital -  sold out

Black Bay’s music can best be described as a direct metal created with heavy riffs, blistering solos, pounding bass, technical drumming and a clean and strong extreme voice which make them stand out from the other modern metal bands. 'Feeding It'  will lead you to amazing mixture of Metal styles where old Soilwork meets newer Paradise Lost same as Testament or even Black Label Society. 

"The Pain We Don't Feel" TR003 CD + Digital - buy digital

Strong modern Death Metal outfit combined with lost of experimental lines. Album recorded at RealSound studios. Mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila (Amorphis, Children of Bodom...)
Artwork by famous Travis Smith (Death, Opeth, Anathema, Katatonia, Nevermore...) So, don't expect nothing but the best!

"Uncharted Waters" - TRCD006 CD + Digital - buy digital

Melodic Swedish Death Metal force striking with full native power of the genre. Very original and unique creativity is what separate Fisherman's Death from the rest of nowadays copy/paste scene! Four songs of dynamic and pounding Death Metal where killer riffs meets strong melodies and hymns like arrangements.

"Results not Promises" - TRCD007 CD + Digital - buy digital

Burning Fallus plays dirty straight in the head Rock mixed with many Metal lines and oldway styles in general. Garage riffing of their music will blow you away and make you scream for more! If you need something old and still new and fresh grab their album and play it loud baby!

May 2013
"Järtecknen" - TR008 Digital - buy digital

6th Awakening are back with the new 4 songs EP. It's great to hear how the band refreshed their already great sound and made it even better. More raw, more dark and doom but still straight in the head Swedish Death Black Metal with possessed and haunted female leading vocal that will grind your mind! With special guest vocals by Wrath of  almighty Naglfar!

EP available 21.02.2014. all over the globe in Digital format: Amazon, Spotify, iTunes...

February 2014
"The Exorcism"  - TR010  CD buy CD + Digital - buy digital

Debut album of one of rarest devoted Oldschool Heavy Metal warriors remain at Serbian underground scene!
The original and forgotten Heavy Metal sound by the laws of 70's and 80's style.
Thundersteel's debut album "The Exorcism" is a real proof that true honorable Metal still lives among us!

                                                                                                                                                                             March 2015
"Eternal Mystery - Rediscovered"  - TR011  CD buy CD + Digital - buy digital

A real piece of Heavy Metal history!
Serbian Heavy Metal veterans ARMAGEDDON re-offered us their old and forgotten treasure.
Album "Eternal Mystery" recorded 25 years ago is finally here again. After very long process of mixing, mastering and even re-recording of some parts here we have "Eternal Mystery Rediscovered"

July 2015
"Rage and Fire"  - TR009  CD sold out + Digital - buy digital

Long awaited studio album of these Heavy Metal demons is finally here! A high class Norwegian Heavy Metal with dominating powerful sound and crushing riffing attack. Don't expect nothing but Rage and Fine!

May 2015
"Etching Obscurity"  - TR012  CD buy CD + Digital - buy digital

A debut album of Canadian Frostbite brings very authentic mixture of extreme styles. Where Black meets Death Metal and all together with well balanced melodies create very unique Progressive Black n’ Roll.

February 2016
"Magic Star"  - TR013  CD buy CD + Digital - buy digital

This CD is collectors limited edition of ARMAGEDDON’s musical experiments, released by Tmina Records, just in time to be special gift for Serbian metal fans, on Sabaton’s fantastic performance in Mixer House in Belgrade 08.02.2016. ARMAGEDDON  had honor to be opening band on this show.

February 2016
6th AWAKENING (Sweden)
"Hamn"  - TR015  Digital - buy digital

Unique Swedish Black Death Metal with one of the most brutal and direct female singers at the scene! Don't miss this!

June 2016
"Triptych" - TR014  2CD + DVD box-set  buy CD

On the eve of Halloween (31.10.2016), ARMAGEDDON's album "TRIPTYCH" will be released. Dedicated to three decades of existence of the band. CD1 "Time Machine" is a compilation album, which includes musical journey through the period from the year 1989. to the year 2012. CD 2 "Triptych" covers later ARMAGEDDON period from years 2012. to 2015.  +  DVD "Live after Halloween"which was shot in the night after Halloween 2013. and presents band performing "live without audience", mainly for journalists and marketing purposes.

October 2016
"Meeting in Hell"  - TR016  Digital - buy digital

Very first demo recording of these true Oldschool Heavy Metal warriors from Serbian underground scene!
The original and forgotten Heavy Metal sound by the laws of 70's and 80's style.

                                                                                                                                                                             March 2016
"Misty Mountain"  - TR017  Digital - buy digital

First studio album by this isolated creation from eastern Serbia landscape. Hypnotic dark ambient sounds strongly inspired by misterious Old Mountain.

Official Digital format, available worldwide in more that 240 countries and all relevant e-stores.

September 2019

"Master of Peace"  - TR018  vinyl LP  buy vinyl , CD buy CD

A brand new studio album by these veterans of heavy metal sound from Serbia. 6 new tracks of purest sympho heavy metal history! For the first time, on vinyl!
Don't miss this limited release, only 300 copies on black vinyl with 2 inserts!

CD comes with aditional artworks and 4 bonus songs!

July 2020

"Witches and Fairies"  - TR020 CD  buy CD

Special unplugged release of both bands recorded back in 2017. in SKCNS Fabrika, Novi Sad. Unique live atmosphere and rare chance to hear some of old Armageddon hymns in acoustic versions with different arangements.