Grom Records started back in 2001 as partnership agreement between two dedicated metal freaks Marko Simic (RIP) and Milan Rakic. The idea was to create small but passionate base primary focused on strong underground extreme metal distribution. As things started to move fast Grom created it's own production  and from 2004 first releases were published. Since then Grom Records released a lot of official full-length albums, live albums, tapes and license albums. Various Grom Records releases were licensed officially on limited vinyl LP's as well as  on tape and CD formats.

Beside our own releases we regularly distribute and work as active mailorder service focused on extreme music genres and also organize live concerts, gigs, festivals and tours as well, plus contribute with all active magazines, radios and record labels around.

From the very beginning, Grom Records has based its activities on the honorable rules of the underground and exchanges of releases with other publishers and distributors.
In that way, we managed to keep our independent spirit and to do all these years strictly only and exclusively we want it.

Thanks to all our loyal friends, collaborators, bands, and fans.
2021 is the jubilee 20th year of existence, but that is just a number and we continue as before!

Stay your own, independent, rebellious and underground!

Grom Records 2021.